Lessons Learnt

  • What is Bergamot Essential Oil?

    Bergamot also known as the bergamot orange can trace its citrus'y origin back to South East Asia. Interestingly, Bergamot is now widely cultivated in Southern Italty in coastal regions such as Sicily.
  • Healthier hair and softer skin with Tussah Silk Protein

    Silk, produced by Tussah silkworms, is one of nature’s strongest fibres. With antibacterial properties and protective qualities, it is a great addition to hair and skincare products. 

  • Why we use UMF rated Manuka honey in our eco soaps.

    Not all honey is created equal! What is UMF-rated honey and why is it different to other honey?
  • Choose Avocado & Kiwifruit - A Kiwi Combination

    This nutrient-packed superfruit does wonders for our skin, mind, and health (and even our For-Paws Pet Range!). That’s why we have incorporated it into several of our products, including our new green soap
  • Which common clothe fibre bio-degrade the best?

    Natural and synthetic fibres are used in a range of products - clothes, crafting materials, loofahs, toothbrushes etc. With general wear and tear these products inevitably break down and can end up in our oceans & lakes. Which in turn have a carry on effect into damaging our marine life.
  • Why should You use Marlborough Sea Salt on your skin?

    Ocean bathing has long been considered a healthy practice – especially for sufferers of eczema and dermatitis. So, forget Dead Sea salt concoctions! Here’s a brief spotlight on our local Marlborough sea salt.
  • The Importance Of Hand Washing - Advice from the CDC

      With the current Coronavirus outbreak, the significance of good hygiene has never been more prevalent. One of the best tools that we can utilize...
  • The benefits of Copper

    For something tasteless, there are subtle differences that can be noted between water held in plastic, metal or glass. Arguably, glass is conside...
  • The Problem with Palm Oil

    Palm oil - used in everything from packaged foods you see on supermarket shelves, the cookies you’re tempted to buy at the local bake stall, to th...
  • Try sugaring over waxing!

    If you’ve had bad experiences with waxing in the past, and as a result have stuck to shaving every few days, sugaring could be your perfect altern...
  • What shampoo and conditioner is doing to your hair.

      Everyone has their own routine for looking after their hair. Whatever yours is, it’s important to keep in mind that there is such a thing as ‘to...
  • How quickly will you burn?

    What Skin Type Are You?With summer around the corner, schools finishing up for the year and families migrating to the beach it’s important to get s...