Healthier hair and softer skin with Tussah Silk Protein

Tussah silk is considered one of earth’s natural treasures. Richly textured, naturally golden and luxurious silk has been used for many generations as a premium clothing material.

Silk, produced by Tussah silkworms, is one of nature’s strongest fibres. With antibacterial properties and protective qualities, it is a great addition to hair and skincare products.

To release its natural goodness, the silk needs to be broken down into hydrolysed silk protein. Combined with an alkali solution – such as sodium hydroxide – the silk is broken down to become water soluble. This can then be added to soaps and shampoos.

When applied to the skin and hair, the silk proteins form a barrier which softens skin and improves moisture retention and improves your hair’s elasticity and strength; protecting hair from breakages and making it softer and shinier.

It’s so good that we’re adding it to our eco felted soaps and shampoo bars.

Silk is a natural treasure that is not as widely known for its benefits to the skin. Keep a look out for silk in your skincare products to take full advantage of what mother earth has to offer!