1. How does felted soap work?
The soap is covered by a layer of felted wool. When massaged under warm/hot water, the wool shrinks around the bar. As the inner bar get wet, it expels soap through the wool.

2. How do i take the wool wrapping off the soap?
Don't do that! The wool is the felting that acts as both an anti fugal scrubber and an exfoliator.

3. What happens if the soap begins to appear through the corners? 
No worries, continue to use the bar as usual, as the visible soap is used it will shrink and again be covered by the wool.

4. How long does the soap last?
Typically with daily use, it will last around a month.

5. I'd like to start selling felted soap, how do i do that?
Awesome! We'd love to have you on board, get in contact with us on sales@bruntwoodlane.co.nz and we'll arrange something.

6. I've been using the soap for a few weeks now and the soap has gone soft! 
That is quite normal, the soap is wrapped in the wool envelope and even if it is soft and pliable just continue to massage it to bring the lather through. However, squeezing out excess water after use helps to keep it hard.

7. After I have used all the soap up I am left with a little pad, what do I do with this? 
Don't throw it out! When the soap has been completely used dry the woolen leftover fur ball, it can continue to used as a exfoliating pad - it is also great to aid makeup removal.

8. Are you able to post overseas?
Yes, we can post anywhere. However, the further away from New Zealand you are, the greater the cost. Make it through to checkout if you'd like to know the delivery cost.  

9. What is triple milled soap? 
The process provides a thorough mixing of the soap base and any fragrances while squeezing out any extra moisture or air. Triple Milled soaps contain less water and more actual soap creating a long lasting soap.