Try sugaring over waxing!

sugaring hair removal

If you’ve had bad experiences with waxing in the past, and as a result have stuck to shaving every few days, sugaring could be your perfect alternative!

Sugaring is a traditional hair removal technique that originates from Middle Eastern practices. Similar to waxing, this method uses a natural paste/gel substance that is made from water, sugar, lemon - and depending on your mixture - honey, salt and essential oils.

Unlike waxing which contains resins, this all naturale concoction only sticks to hair. By pulling at the follicle and not the skin, this will result in you having smoother skin, less ingrown hairs and no hyperpigmentation.

While it still stings, sugaring is less uncomfortable than waxing because hair is removed with the natural direction unlike waxing which is against. Both methods last around the same amount of time before you’ll need to undergo another round.

Sugaring hair removal is ideal for those with sensitive skin, it’s hypoallergenic and free of chemicals so won’t irritate your skin the way chemical wax can! (Hair removal wax contains resins which can induce an allergic reaction.)

As well as being water soluble - making it an easy cleanup - the paste/gel can be used over areas the have just been pulled without fear of irritation.

The only downside is hair needs to be grown to at least ⅛ inch in order to work effectively. But worth the wait if you’re will to tolerate pain for 20 minutes than shave every week.

Consider trying sugaring next time you need to groom, it can be done in beauty salons or made in the ‘comfort’ of your home.

If you have tried sugaring we’d love to hear what you think about it!