Why soap makes your skin feel tight.

healthy & dry skin

Ever wondered why your skin sometimes feels tight and dry after cleaning it in the shower??

There are a couple of factors to consider.

1. The pH level of skin is slightly acidic - around 5.5, and soap usually has a pH level >10.

In order for soap to clean the the body, this alkali solution strips excess dirt, germs and oils from the skin (leaving it feeling dry).
However, the skin replaces these lost oils and is recovered in a couple of hours.

2. The cleaning agent used, either soap or body wash (detergent) have strong base components that act as excellent cleaning products.

These strong washing products leave you feeling 'squeaky clean' and can be too harsh on people with sensitive skin, these detergents leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Opting for natural washing products are better for the skin and the environment!

3. Mass produced soap and bathing products may use substitute chemicals in place of hard to mass-manufacture soap ingredients.

Bathing products with value-added ingredients such as chemical fragrances, colours and moisturisers can irritate skin and throw off your skins natural balance. In the long run, skin takes longer to recover and becomes reliant on moisturisers (no worries, you only need to stop using these products to revert back).

All in all, though soap does dry out your skin, using natural organic products will benefit you in the long run and keep your skin feeling rejuvenated.